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The ECatsBridge Club

ECatsBridge has a great service just waiting for you to make use of it - the ECatsBridge Club!

Remember how annoying it can be to go to a club one evening, but not be able to get your results and see how you did until you go back the following week? Well, not any more.

Any bridge club joining our scheme can have their results scored online by the ECats Scoring System, and they will be displayed on your own club pages, day by day or week by week, so that you can see them quickly and easily just by going to your club page. Have a look at our ECatsBridge Club Pages to see what we mean! The club also gets a page which it can update, where it can put details of its officers, dates and times of play, special events etc.

And all for just £50 per year (that's about US$ 90)! The only limitation on the uploading of results is that you cannot upload two sets with the same date, so if you play every afternoon AND evening in the week it will cost you £100. But you can upload a single session every day if you want to.

You can using either the ECats Scoring Program (which is free) or one of the many other scoring programs that interface to our system.

How does it work ? Well it just couldn't be simpler! First of all, you need to email us with your club details and we will allocate you a special code which you will need to use instead of your club name when you upload the results to us. If you are planning to use the free ECats Scoring Program you will also need to download an upgrade, but we will give you full instructions, don't worry!

I am sure that there will be questions that you want answered once you have read this, so do, please feel free to email us and ask. Have a look at our FAQ page first though - the answer may be there !