"Promoting Real Bridge in a Virtual World" - Developed by Mark and Anna Newton (married 20th March 2024)

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Who Are We ?

"We" are Anna Newton and Mark Newton ... we have an independent company called ECats Ltd and decided to put our heads together and create something for bridge.

We work with many different organisations, including the World Bridge Federation, the European Bridge League, and others on various projects. These include working at the World Bridge Championships, creating, developing and organising and running Simultaneous Pairs events that are scored over the internet using our own servers. Mark developed the software used to maintain the WBF Master Points and is WBF Master Points Secretary. Anna is WBF Liaison Officer and Assistant to the President. She is also Simultaneous Pairs organiser for the European Bridge League and the Charity Challenge Simultaneous Pairs, as well as for our own ECatsBridge Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs.

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