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This poker review website offers a complete guide for British players that want to play poker in the UK. It includes information payment options, how to play UK poker and where to play in Pounds.



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Bridge has a history that has spanned generations and cultures. As is typical of most card games for money, variations have appeared from the original art form. Such is the case of Texas Holdem which used to be played with five cards in saloons. Whether you are playing real bridge or poker, remember to wager responsibly. The history of US Texas Holdem has been plagued with setbacks according to Shaun Middlebrooks, who runs a blog detailing United States Poker Laws. Some famous poker enthusiasts double as bridge experts, most notably Bill Gates and Dan Harrington who used to play bridge and poker together in Harvard.

For more information regarding the legal proceedings in the word of Texas Holdem, visit holdemformoney.com