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About our Mailing lists ...

We currently run a mailing list for Press Releases and general bridge information that we are requested to send - sometimes by the World Bridge Federation but other times by other organisations. With rare exceptions (actually I can't think of one but you never know, there might be an occasion when it's important!) they are bridge related and you can, of course, ask to be removed from the list at any time.

There aren't many sent out - you won't get pestered!

I would be very pleased to add your name and email address to it - all you need to do is to email me, confirming that you have read our Privacy Policy and saying which of the lists you would like to be added to (you can, of course, join both) and giving me your full name (first name and family name), the country you live in and your email address. I will reply and ask you to confirm that you sent it and then add you to my list so you get future information.

And I promise faithfully that I keep your data safely and do not give / lend / sell it to anyone else; if an organisation wants something sent out, I send it myself!

Send your email to : anna@ecats.co.uk and I will be in touch !