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The NIBU Interclub Duplicate

Welcome to the pages for the NIBU Interclub Duplicate which will once again be scored by ECatsBridge.

There are four of these events held each year, to raise funds for the NIBU, and clubs are encouraged to join in as many of them as possible.
As in previous seasons, for 2018/2019 each of the events (held in September, November, January and March) is split into two separate sessions with different hands. One session (Session A) will be played from Sunday - Tuesday and the second (Session B) from Wednesday - Saturday, so do be sure you ask for the right session depending on which day you want to play. Players will be able to play in both sessions at different clubs if they wish, as the hands will be different, but please check with your club beforehand to ascertain whether they are playing Session A or Session B.

The NIBU welcomes your support and hopes clubs from other regions may join them.

Please click here to email Ian Hamilton if you are interested in running a heat of one of these Pairs. Scoring is easy - click here have a look at our pages about it and click here to download the general instructions about how to send the results in once you have scored them