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Simultaneous Pairs - or smaller inter-club or inter county pairs events involving just two or three heats - are what ECatsBridge does best ! And having us score them for you means that you get the results fast, with all the analysis, and - provided you send us a duplimate file - with the hands displayed for your players to enjoy!

And it really (really) isn't expensive !

We can provide a service simply for scoring your event, so all you do is upload your results to the session number we give you - the scores are displayed as normal.

At the end of the event we can send you the ranking list in PDF (Acrobat) or Excel format - or both. The frequencies are on the website just waiting to be downloaded, and if you want a club-by-club report we can send that in PDF format as well. We can even master point it for you! All part of the service!

Setting it up is simple - we send you a session number and all your competing clubs need to do is to use one of the many compatible programs, put in the session number and upload their results.

If you have a logo, we can arrange to put it on the results pages - we can even include your own advertisements provided they are supplied in the specified format.

The cost for this is normally 50p per player + VAT although this may depend on specific requirements. There is no mimum charge these days, but we do ask that you try and have a reasonable number of clubs participating.

Alternatively we can provide a full service, from the generation of the hands to obtaining commentators, typesetting, printing and sending out booklets/travellers etc.

It all depends on your requirements - please contact us to discuss what you need !

So do contact us for more information and to start using our service - we are here to help !

Just click here to email Anna or telephone on +44 (0) 1787 881920 for more information.