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Children in Need

The ECatsBridge for Children in Need Pairs 2014 (and 2015!)

Yes we did it again ! And you raised a truly awesome £70,104.66. Truly you are amazing.

And yes, it is all planned again for 2015. The dates are confirmed as Friday 6th November, then Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th with different hands each night. So please ... please join us again (or come and join us if you haven't done so in the past). We love running and and hope you enjoy playing in it!

NEWS! - We are pleased to announce that for the first time we have been made an official partner of the BBC Children in Need because of all the money raised in the past! Thanks to all the bridge players for their support!

The BBC has confirmed that appeal night will be Friday 13th November 2015.

is a charity very close to Anna & Mark's hearts and we love the fact that it is obviously special for many of you as well. The ECats Cats love it as well !

Do join us - please ! We would love to have your company. It is easy to run a heat and we would love to beat last year's total. Click the links below to find out how to enter and what is involved - or if you can't play, you can still donate to this great charity.

Entering is easy !

Organising a heat is easy !

Paying for it is easy ! - please read this though, as it is different from other Sims

Making a donation is easy !

Raising extra money is easy ! Here are some ideas for fund raising to help you. You can get posters and a fund raising pack from the Children in Need website. And you can click here for the Gift Aid form to make your money even more worthwhile for the Charity

More information can be found by clicking the links on the right - details of any prizes, and the master point awards, and, of course, the link to the results pages (very important, that !)

So do join us ... please ... and help us raise lots and lots of lovely money for Children in Need as we have done in the past years:

£36,712.98 in 2002;
£41,497.23 in 2003;
£45,668.89 in 2004;
£50,957.12 in 2005;
£53,567.35 in 2006;
£55,349.29 in 2007;
£56,226.72 in 2008;
£58,889.37 in 2009;
£65,307.40 in 2010;
£69,138.39 in 2011;
£66,874.56 in 2012;
£69,717.44 in 2013; and
£70,104.66 in 2014

Just how high does it get ! That it a grand total to date of
£ 740,011.40 !! WOW. Isn't that just amazing.