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u3a Spring Charity Bridge Festival


Dates and other information

Thie u3a Spring Charity Bridge Festival will be run each day from 22nd - 26 May 2023. More information about the event can be found by clicking here

u3a groups are invited to participate and if you have not already entered, please contact Steve Carter by email : u3abridgegroup@hotmail.com

It will be run as a "hybrid" Sims, so you can play face-to-face or online .

It's really not hard -

Just read through these instructions and once you have got your head around it - well, we think your players would really enjoy it. And anyway, you can always email Anna if you need help !!


How to enter

Its easy - really easy ! Just look at our "howto" page and you will see how simple it is to enter !


This is strictly a "fun" event

there are no prizes, no master points, no printed booklets. There is no specific entry fee either we simply ask players to give what they can. So it is just a chance to play a set of hands and see how you did across the field, and hopefully to have an enjoyable evening whilst raising money for Charity. Of course clubs may award their normal master points for their heat.

We don't mind what time of day (or night!) you play - the hands are different each day, so all we ask is that you observe reasonable security and please don't publish the hands on your own website until the frequencies have gone "live" on the ECatsBridge site.

Please join us if you can - just email us .. we need your name, the name of the club and the country, which day you want to play and the email address to send the hands to. Please please join us if you can!


How to send in your donation after the event

Click here to find out how to pay in your entry fee and donation after the event (please do so as quickly as you can)