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The Celtic Simultaneous Pairs

The Celtic Winter Pairs

will be held from Monday 4th - Thursday 7th December 2023, with different hands on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the Thursday / Friday session sharing the same boards

As is normal now, it will be a hybrid event, with clubs able to play face-to-face or online through BBO, RealBridge or StepBridge. Clubs are responsible for collecting the money by charging an entry fee which covers the cost of the onlne service or their own table money, and then remitting a set fee per player to their own NBO - details of how to do that will be given with the README sent with the files.

To enter ...

... all you need to do is to email me and let me know which day you would like to play and I will send you the dealing files and the README and will try and remember to include the spade holding for North on Board 1 so you can check when you upload the hands that you have the right ones. The commentary and hand analysis will, as always, be on the website at 10pm on the day of the event but I can send you the travellers if you need them. There are 32 boards in the set for each day.

The Celtic Simultaneous Pairs Simultaneous Pairs open to ALL – Everyone has a Celtic connection somewhere! and for the first time this year the CBAI will be joining in.

English clubs are nevertheless welcome to participate and we particularly would welcome Cornwall and Manx BU– being Celtic themselves - EBU affiliated clubs will need to pay their normal P2P fee and can award their own local master points, but as it is not licensed by the EBU, non-affiliated clubs may join in and hopefully enjoy the event.

Come and join us in what should be a fun and exciting event – it will be scored by ECats and the results will, as normal, be here on the ECatsBridge website.