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Stephen Brown's SCBridge program

  • With advanced printing, viewing and web facilities the SCBridge 2000 windows scoring program runs on any IBM compatible machine and includes these features:
  • Full use of windows (3.1, 95 or 98, ME or XP) environment, mouse, printing and installation features. Designed especially for club use, a very friendly program (+help package and instruction booklet)
  • Duplicates of up to 30 tables in a section (or more in multi-section mode).
  • Scores Mitchells, shares and relays, arrow-switches, full and part Howells. Many movements supplied on the CD.
  • Names can be entered using initials, and the name file can be automatically added to. The names database stores EBU numbers and handicaps.
  • Use with computer or normal travellers, standard movements are automatically generated
  • Typing errors can easily be corrected just by going to the error using the mouse. Impossible and unlikely scores checked
  • Information is automatically sent to html pages for publishing to a web-site with no editing needed

    Extra modules available for scoring ladders, multiple teams, Butler and Cross-imp scoring and under development Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams. Windows Hand dealing program also available.

    Move into the new millennium with this up to date, easy to use program.

    For more information or to discuss your requirements, email Stephen Brown on phone him on 01865 881185, or see the Oxfordshire Website