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Bridge Scoring Programs

Mike Rothwell's program

  • A suite of programs which will score pairs events, teams, Swiss teams and individual events.
  • All standard movements are provided. Movements can be edited and new movements incorporated.
  • Results can be exported to other Windows programs such as Excel for analysis of results by individual or by pair.
  • Competitions which run over several sessions can be scored, with or without handicaps.
  • The pairs scoring module will score using match points, Butler scoring, or aggregate scoring for single or multi-section, single or 2-session events. Numbered or unnumbered travellers can be used. It is very easy to do arrow switches (by round or individual board). Impossible and unlikely scores checked. The program is robust and results are saved continuously to avoid any loss of data.
  • Results can be viewed on screen or printed. As well as ranking lists you can print pair-board matrix, travellers, check slips, frequency tables and master-points. Results can be exported to the clipboard or a file or to ECATS (via Email or the upload program).
  • The movement editor allows you to edit existing movements or create new ones. You can print details of each movement, table cards and individual guide cards.
  • The results analysis program allows any group of results to be exported by pair or individual scores (e.g. pairs scores for every Tuesday evening for the last 12 months) for analysis in Excel or other Windows programs.
  • The competitions program can score individual or pairs competitions held over several sessions (e.g. the best 5 results for 10 weeks adjusted for handicaps).
  • Testimonials are available from many bridge clubs.

    For further information email Mike Rothwell or telephone 01524 734585.