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Answers for users of ACBL Score


  1. At the “Select Event Rating” screen , Select #8
  2. Then select #3 World-wide Simultaneous Pairs
  3. Indicate the session number. Make sure you enter the correct session number. This will have been sent to you with all the other emailed material.
  4. Be certain you have indicated the table number in which board #1 begins play and which EW pair # is the first to play board #1. When the players duplicate the boards and the move is made (players to higher numbered table and boards to lower numbered table) board #1 will no longer be at table #1 and the EW who first plays board #1 will not be EW pair 1.
  5. For example: 13-Table Mitchell Game. NS1 and EW1 will duplicate boards 1 & 2. Without playing the boards they just duplicated, EW1 will move to Table 2 and Boards 1 & 2 will move to Table 13. At the same time EW12 will move to Table 13. Therefore, Board 1 begins play at TABLE 13 and EW12 will be at TABLE 13 when play begins.
  6. When all scores have been posted, score and DBADD the game.

Note: this must be done within 36 hours of the end of play

  1. Using ACBLscore (DOS version), at the Command Line use the WORLD command – WO is the short form. Using ACBLscore (Window version), locate the WORLD command on the F11 menu.
  2. Complete the on-screen form. Be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly, as ECatsBridge can contact you should there be any problems with your files.
  3. While in the form you can press F1 for help.
  4. Press F9 when the form is complete.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions. (You can print these instructions by pressing “P”.)
  6. The files generated will be called p.txt, r.txt, c.txt and e.txt and these are the files you need to e-mail to results@simpairs.com.
  7. How to attach files to e-mail. Write down (if needed) where you have placed the four files. Open your e-mail program and include/attach the four files you've created. Some e-mail programs say attach, some will say insert. With other programs, you have to click on the file, then add the attachment.
  8. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that after e-mailing your results, that you check the website to make sure your results appear and are correct. If you have two sections, make sure they both appear on the site. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT THE RESULTS APPEAR AND ARE CORRECT.
  9. If your files have been sent and do NOT appear on the website within a short time (5 minutes or so), please check that you have used the correct session number, then clear your browser cache by doing a control-refresh. If they still do not appear, and you are sure the session number is correct, please locate the four files again (p.txt, r.txt, c.txt and e.txt) and e-mail them to anna.Newton@worldbridgefed.com for checking.
  10. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT .ACE FILES OR OTHER FILES CREATED BY THE ACBL SCORING PROGRAM CANNOT BE ACCEPTED nor will they be seen by the organisers so we will not be able to inform you that you have sent the wrong files.