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The WBF/ECats Charity Pairs

Save the Children - the Syrian Children Refugee Crisis

We have decided this year (2017)to raise funds for Syrian Children and send the funds to the Save the Children Charity

This event will be run over six days starting on Monday 23rd January. So events will be played on Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and we will combine Friday 27th and Saturday 28th January 2017. Once again we have commentaries for each day to add to the enjoyment and these will be posted on the site when the frequencies go live - this is the day after the event as we are sometimes joined by clubs in the US.

This is strictly a "fun" event - there are no prizes, no master points, no booklets. There is no specific entry fee either we simply ask players to give what they can. So it isjust a chance to play a set of hands and see how you did across the field, and hopefully to have an enjoyable evening while raising money for Charity. Of course clubs may award their normal master points for their heat.

We don't mind what time of day (or night!) you play - the hands are different each day, so all we ask is that you observe reasonable security and please don't publish the hands on your own website until the frequencies have gone "live" on the ECatsBridge site.

Please join us if you can - just email us .. we need your name, the name of the club and the country, which day you want to play and the email address to send the hands to. Please please join us if you can!

This event was started in 2001, following the Tsunami in Asia, and has raised a great deal of money, for that, for the Pakistan Earthquake, where the money raised was used to build a new school, and more recently for UNICEF. In 2010 we directed the funds to the Haiti Earthquake appeal and the 2014 Appeal was for the Philippines disaster and the 2015 raised money for those affected by the Nepal Earthquake. 2016 also raised funds for Syrian refugee children.

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