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The first 50 years of the World Bridge federation

1958 - 2008 Officail history of the WBF compilied by its Presidents.

Published by Jaime Ortiz-Patino

Bridge - Common mistakes and how to advoid them

At last a compilation of Andrew Robson's acclaimed bridge columns from The Times to help the social or less experience Bridge player to improve their game and to stop repeating the same mistakes.
Champion bridge player, teacher and columnist, Andrew Robson, imparts the essential know-how to play Bridge with confidence and to win the game.

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Bridge Master 2000
5. Bridge Master 2000

Price: 40.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


The Latest version of Fred Gitelman's excellent Bridge teaching program.

"A fabulous product that I recommend to bridge payers of all levels" - Eric Rodwell, World Champion

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SALE - Lower Price !  IT'S YOUR CALL - Bidding Problems Answered by an International Panel

By Brian Senior (128 Pages)

The most popular feature in all the best bridge magazines is the 'bidding panel' article where a team of experts submit their answers to a variety of bidding problems. In this book, Brian Senior has grouped together problems in related situations in order to discover modern expert thinking.

Brian Senior, bridge professional and journalist, has represented both Great Britain and Ireland at international level. He is the current editor of the World Championship book series.

Online Catalogue |  Best Sellers